All Round Romper


There are two things that I love, my romper and graffiti. My romper is from a shop that is only available in Bali, so in a way its limited edition… Its light, comfortable and the color white is perfect for summer. I can wear it to the beach over a bikini, to the city with a comfy pair of flats or to a dinner with a nice necklace and small heals. It’s my all purpose romper. Same goes with my jeans jacket. I stole it from my moms closet a year ago and lets just say she’s never getting it back. The necklace that I am wearing is actually part or a larger necklace that you will be seeing in pictures in the future as its really nice. Soon you will find out that I’m in love with large necklaces and that both my mom and I own an abundance of them.


The Graffiti was done under a bridge in the town in Austria where one of my grandmothers lives in and my dad grew up in, called Vorarlberg. It was made on 10.05.09 and whoever painted it, dedicated it to their mom. I have to admit, I have no clue what it says, if it even is supposed to say something or what it’s supposed to mean… If anyone can figure it out, or has any clues, then please do me the favor of leaving a comment. It’s a mystery that I would love to know a little more about, even if it’s just a guess.

Yours Truly,

Anna Niederlander

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