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It’s been a while since I’ve written a post, mostly due to the chaos going on at school. It’s quite tough trying to balance so many things and trying to set your priorities when some are made for you, but with summer finally here, I am back and ready to start full on!

First of all, there are some exciting new changes coming to Niedsano, some that might surprise you hopefully in a good way. One of the few changes that I want to mention with you all, is that there will be more blog posts written about the Fashion Industry, shifting Niedsano from only being a place for style inspiration and outfit posts. I want my readers to get more of an insight into today’s Fashion from a student’s perspective, something different in the blogger world. These blog posts will be posted every Tuesday, so make sure to visit Niedsano on a weekly basis for exciting insight into the world of Fashion! Along with these new posts, I will continue to post about life in the middle east and the many new collaborations to come.

As a rising blogger, my mission is to inspire, educate, and build confidence in my readers about body image and style. It’s something I still seek and hopefully can achieve with Niedsano, after a year of getting a feel for what I want to do.

Feeling over the top and excited about the new things to come, I decided to take some pictures on the roof, one of my favourite locations around my house. I paired my all black outfit with a jeans vest, breaking the dark tones by adding some color, which is always a smart trick when in need to spice up an outfit. On that note, there are some more things coming soon to Niedsano, but you’ll just have to stick around and see!




Have any ideas or collaborations you want to share with Niedsano? Send a message right away to anastasia@niedsano.com


















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