Niedsano was originally founded by Anastasia Basano and her then partner Anna Niederlander in 2014, but now is fully run by Anastasia herself. Anastasia has had the privilege of an international life, travelling and gathering inspirations from around the world, and sharing these experiences with you.

Niedsano is a place she hopes can inspire readers, open up their views to different aspects of life and encourage them to try new things. Her ambitious attitude always has her searching new ways to view the world and present it in her own way through blogging. She is a full time student and tries to balance out school work, family, friends, and blogging. Since a young age, Anastasia has had a love for fashion and clothes. She believes style is important because it expresses who a person is. It’s something everyone already has… all people have to do is find it. As someone once said, the goal isn’t to live forever, but to create something that does. She may not know what that is, but it may just be Niedsano.