A Fling with Summer

What does summer mean to you? It means lots of things to lots of people. To me it is a time to relax and take a break from all the pressure and stress of school life. This means movie nights with my siblings, card games with my grandma, hiking up a mountain, a stroll through the city or reading a magazine while laying in the sun. My summer is usually packed with many things, non of which include endless hours of studying. I count my years in summers, not in actual numbers. Once a summer ends, and another school year begins, it is a new year for me. Summer is also a time to refuel and recharge. It is a time to enjoy yourself and forget about all your worries, which for me is very hard sometimes.

Right now I’m in a town in Austria and am staying with my siblings in my Grandmothers house. My days consist of horse riding at my aunts stable with my sister, riding my cousins Vespa up and down the street, watching the Fifa World Cup with my brother, and going over to my uncles house to get a bit of chocolate. Wouldn’t it be nice if everyday could be like this. But then again, if we only had days like this, we wouldn’t realize the pleasure of them.

In the photos, I’m wearing a tank top from Abercrombie & Fitch, which I love as it matches with everything, and my skirt from American Eagle. I recommend a skirt like this for every girl in the summer. The skirt is simple, comfy and its colors are fresh- a perfect fit for summer. I also think you can do nothing wrong with a colorful pair of flats or necklace. A shop that has a lot of colorful summer necklaces is Zara. I hope you are all having a great summer.

Yours Truly,


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