Burning Feet and Beautiful Views

School work has started to cool down after my mock exams, which means I have more time to do what I love most, blog here on Niedsano! Niedsano isn’t only a fashion blog, but also a travel blog where I share my adventures. This post is dedicated to an adventure I had at the start […]

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Morning Bloom

Hello my Dear Readers, It’s been a while since I’ve written a post on here but I’m back and ready to share all of what I’ve missed these past few weeks. I’m excited for what’s coming up and hope you are too! This post is a little throwback to a collaboration a while back that […]

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How Shoes Can Change Your Whole Look


Heels or flats? Boots or Wedges? Shoes can play a huge part in your final look and what kind of mood you’re going for. The shoes can be in the same style group as your outfit, or they can be a complete opposite style. Sometimes you can have a very elegant dress on and pair it […]

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Lost Fossils

Sometimes, it just takes a map and the right people to find something unique out there in the world! This past weekend, my friends and I, with their cat Panda, got to explore a hidden place outside of Abu Dhabi. It was quite the discovery, finding old rock formations and animal skulls in the middle […]

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Niedsano’s School Outfit Ideas

Are you someone who just can’t pick outfits for school? Or don’t know what to combine with what in your closet? Sometimes it takes me hours, with my whole closet spread out on the floor, to pick an outfit for school. With tough decisions and confusion, I usually end up picking the first outfit I […]

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Seven in Heaven

7 girls, 6 days, 5 nights, 1 big city. Responsibilities but no expectations, Welcome to Barcelona. This unforgettable trip to a beautiful Spanish city was definitely one of the best things that has happened this summer. As much fun as I had fun travelling around Holland and Brussels, nothing can compare to my time spent […]

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Holes in My Pants

Why wear ordinary black leggings when you can wear extraordinary, holey ones? I truly respect and love those people who dare to wear things that are out of the usual look you see around. It’s not only fun to be the different one out of the group but you get this kind of confidence and […]

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Hidden from the City

A new week and new post! I’m sad that my summer is almost over but also happy to share with you all the second part of my collaboration with The Visual Difference! Sometimes when someone describes someone’s style, they often create categories like preppy, girly, goth, or sporty. But the idea of only sticking to […]

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Vintage in Delft


Delft was the last city I visited in Holland, but it was actually my favourite. It’s one of the cities known for producing beautiful pottery know has Delftware, perhaps their most famous pieces are the cute little houses people can get on the KLM planes (Would definitely recommend to get a few for yourself!) However, […]

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Laced in Utrecht


For the second part of my Holland trip series, I got to visit a cute town called Utrecht. This city is mostly known for being a student-based city, with more than 20,000 students. It’s surrounded by colorful buildings, flowers, kind people, and amazing food. We took a walk around the center, exploring the different parts […]

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